Well here I am. Undoubtedly not the only Norman Reed on the planet, but also undoubtedly the only Norman Reed on the planet with the presence of mind to register Undoubtedly.

I find the opposing urges of the Internet to be of some personal fascination. On one end, we have every reason to be private people. Terms of use, service, privacy policies, and the ongoing search for anonymity fills our minds as, ironically, we do things like update our Facebook profiles, make forum posts, use our email addresses to register for services, make online purchases with our credit cards, and brag about said purchases on aforementioned services. We even go so far as to create central repositories from which anyone may reap every last juicy personal informational tidbit that we desire to give. Personal websites, personal stalker-enablers. Please follow me. Dot com. I’d rather it be here, than in the bushes outside.

But, there does come a point when we do transfer from adolescence and adolescent behavior and self representation, as we must move forward into some level of professionalism, even if the only desired outcome of said “professionalism” happens to be having fun. As such, I move away from outdated screen names from my angst-ridden youth, and move into a “grown-up” world of professional contact information, and resources. This is for the colleagues, friends, fans, and family. I hope you reap only the best from checking (or never checking) in on this wonderful resource.

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